Business Services

The Business Services Unit operates at the intersection of economic growth and a skilled workforce. We work to provide comprehensive, layered, and coordinated programming that keeps our workforce agile and skilled for a rapidly changing economy.

We provide services to employers including:

  • On-The-Job Training (OJT) funding assistance:
    New hire wage reimbursement program
  • Customized Training (CT) funding assistance:
    Current employee training cost reimbursement program
  • Industry-specific Career Pathways programming
  • On-site customized recruitment
  • Hiring events including both mini and large-scale job fairs
  • Lunch-and-Learn Events
  • Job postings
  • General workforce support

On–The–Job Training

Our On-the-Job Training (OJT) New Hire Wage Reimbursement program helps our local businesses fill open roles within their organization. We can help to determine individuals who possess some of the required skills to be successful in the position but have some opportunities for growth to be considered the ideal candidate.

You, as the employer, would agree to take the candidate(s) onto your team as a full-time employee and supply training, on the job, to help them become fully qualified. We provide employers with up to 50% reimbursement for the new-hire’s wage in exchange for supervised training in the targeted skills gap of the new-hire.

Take a look at our OJT Policies and Protocols or contact us for more information.

Pathways Programming

Our Career Pathways programming is a series of innovative and flexible training models that bring together industry leaders, businesses, educational providers, and community organizations to identify skill gaps among high-demand careers and to create targeted skills training. Engaging strategic partners in the training process ensures a foundation for workforce success.

We work in relationship with New York State’s Regional Economic Development Council’s (REDC) and its targeted industry sectors.

Current and upcoming Career Pathways Programming in WNYREDC Priority Industries includes:

  • Tech: Franklin Apprenticeships
  • Construction: Society for the Advancement of the Construction Related Arts (SACRA)
  • CDL Training

For more information on Pathways Programming, please contact Bukola Morgan at 716-819-9845 ext. 1140

Customized Training Program

Customized Training is group training that is designed to meet the specific needs of an employer. Its
goal is to provide eligible current workers and the employer with the opportunity to build and maintain
a quality workforce.

Training is conducted with a commitment from the employer to continue the employment of all trainees who successfully complete training and the employer agrees to pay no less than 50% of the allowable cost of training as described in the policy.

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